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            Jaisa AAHAR Vaisa ViCHAR
            Jaisa VICHAR Vaisa AACHAR!

 All of us know this above fact that our AACHAR
 i.e. Diet plays an important role in formulating  our VICHAR and AACHAR i.e. our thoughts and behaviour. 

Keeping this in mind we at swati's catering make sure that 

1.  food is prepared with lots of love.

2. We have passion for cooking. 

3. The food is served as a prasad. 

4. We maintain the authenticity of all the cuisines. 

5. The ingredients used are of high & good quality. 

6. We are using Eco friendly paper for packaging.


Monthly Mess:-

We are providing monthly mess tiffin.

We are providing in tiffin.

Full Tiffin 

2 Bhajya, 3 Polya, Bhat-Aamti, Chutney or  Koshimbir, Papad 

Half Tiffin 

1 Bhaji, 3 Polya, Bhat-Aamti, Chutney or Koshimbir, Papad 

We also cater other food products also as per demand. 

Delivery charges will be extra depending on the area. 

Tiffin service only for pune city. 

Do call us on 09689311829 or whatsapp us on 08149803881

  We are always happy to serve you. 

     Eat Healthy Stay Healthy. 

             Swapnil kulkarni 

               Swati kulkarni 

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